International Double Bass Ensemble

* * * European Quartet Prize 2003 * *
European Culture Foundation

Leader: Klaus Trumpf
Roman Patkoló - Slovakia
Artem Chirkov - Russia
Andrei Shynekvich - White Russia
Ljubinko Lazic - Yugoslavia
Jan Jirmasek - Czech Republic
Giorgi Makhoshwili - Georgia
Milana Chernyavska - Ukraine-Munich (Piano)

All members of this ensemble playing in variable settings are students of the Contrabass Master Class of Prof. Klaus Trumpf at the State University of Music in Munich; all are for the most part multiple prize winners in international competitions (in Germany, USA, CR, ARDCompetition etc.).

Roman Patkoló 1982 Slovakia; 1995 first contrabass lesson; 1997 1st prize at national competition; 1997 pre-student and since 1999 regular student in the class of Prof. Klaus Trumpf at the State Conservatory of Music in Munich; since 1999 scholar of the Anne-Sophie-Mutter-FoundatWn; 1999 1st prize at Intl' Contrabass Competition in lowa/USA; 2000 1st prize at the J.M.Sperger-Competition Germany; since 2001 recitals in Indianapolis/USA, Germany, Slovakia, Switzerland etc.; solo performances with Anne-Sophie Mutter, Andre Previn, Justus Frantz; soloist with orchestras in Germany, Austria, Russia. 2002: European Culture Award from the President of the Federal Republic Johannes Rau. 2003: prize winner at the ARD-Competition with additional special prizes; orchestral activities at the Symphony Orchestra of the Bavarian Broadcasting Company; Philharmonic Orchestra of the Nations, World Youth Orchestra Jeunesses Musicales, Bavarian Orchestra Academy.

Jan Jirmasek
1980 Czech Republic, 1884-2000 Conservatory of Music; since 2000 State Conservatory of Music in Munich; 1st and 2nd prizes at national competitions; 1997 3rd prize at Gregora-Competition; diploma at the
II. Sperger-Competition 2003; member in following orchestras: Young Austrian Philharmonic Orchestra, Euregio Symphony Orchestra; Jeunesses Musicales World Orchestra; Schleswig-Holstein-Festival-Orchestra, member in the Bavarian Orchestra Academy.

Artem Chirkov
1979 St. Petersburg; 1st instrument violoncello; 1995 contrabass study at the St. Petersburg Conservatory; 1998 2nd prize at the competition in Toliatti/Russia; 2000 5th prize at the I. Sperger-Competition; since 2000 member in the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra; since 2001 master dass of the State Conservatory of Music in Munich; 2002 1st prize at the 2nd Sperger-Competition; member in the Bavarian Orchestra Academy and in other intl' orchestras; 2003: 2nd prize at the Intl' Competition in Richmond/USA; lst prize at the Intl' Competition in Brno. Now he has position for 1st Solobassplayer on St.-Petersburg-Philharmony.

Andrei Shynkevich
1981 White Russia; 2000 final exam in the music college; 1997: 1st prize at the Intl' Competition in Moldavia; 1998: 2nd prize at the Intl' Competition in Gomel/White Russia; 1999 scholar of the President of White Russia and Vladimir Spivakov; 2001 State Conservatory of Music in Munich; 2002: lst prize at the Intl' Competition in Kromeriz/CR; „Virtuosenprize" 2nd and 3rd Sperger-Competition; member of the Jeunesses Musicales World Orchestra and the Bavarian Orchestra Academy; 2003: 1St prize at the Intl' Contrabass-Competition in Richmond/USA.

Ljubinko Lazic
1979 Serbia; lst contrabass lesson in 1993; Study at the Conservatory of Music in Novy Sad 1998-2001; since 2001 State Conservatory of Music in Munich; 1994-2000 four 1st prizes at national competitions;
3rd prize at the Intl' Contrabass-Competition in Kromeriz/CR 2002; orchestral activities: Belgrade Philharmonie and Chamber Orchestra, Philharmonic Orchestra of the Nations; Bavarian Orchestra Academy; recitals: Yugoslavia, Slovenia, Italy, Germany; 2002: diploma at the Sperger-Competition.

Giorgi Makhoshvili
1977 Georgia; 1993-97 music college; 1997/98 State Conservatory Tbilssi; 1996-97 Symphony Orchestra in Tbilssi; 1998 1st prize Jazz Competition Georgia; 1999 United World Youth Orchetsra; since 1999 Study at the State Conservatory of Music in Munich - Master's Degree in 2003, since 2003 post-graduate studies; Chamber Orchestra Ingolstadt/Germany;

Milana Chernyavska (Piano)
Born in Kiev/Ukraine; Title: Prof. Dr., „Deserved Artist of the Ukraine";
lst piano lesson with 5 years; lst recital with 7 years; with 12 years prize winner at the Intl' Competition „Concertino Prague"; 1990 Exam „with distinction"; 1995-98 master dass in Munich; Intl' prizes among others: lst prize 1988 in Kiev, lst prize at Intl' Piano Competition in Paris 1994; 3rd prize at Intl' Chamber Music Competition in Florence in 1989; gold medal at Intl' Competition „Horowitz" in Kiev 1984; solo activities in Europe, USA, Japan; recordings for CDs, Broadcasting Companies and TV; pedagogical activities: State Conservatory of Music in Munich, Augsburg/Germany and State Conservatory in Feldkirch/Austria.

Klaus Trumpf (Leadership)
1940 Görlitz/Germany; Music Study in Berlin; 1961-1989 member of the German National Opera House/Orchestra Berlin (solo bassist); since 1968 teaching assignment at the State Conservatory of Music „Hanns Eisler" in Berlin; 1989/90 member of the Bayreuth Festival Orchestra; 1991 professorship at the Conservatory of Music in Saarbrücken/Germany; since 1994 Prof. at the State Conservatory of Music in Munich; editor, member in international juries, recordings for Broadcasting Companies and CDs; leader of master courses in Europe, USA, Asia; President of the Intl' JohannMatthias-Sperger-Corporation; founder und musical leader of the Intl' J.M.Sperger- Competition. „Scholarship-Award" of the Intl' Society of Bassists/USA for "Merits for the Contrabass".

In a very unusual setting,
young musicians, all of them multiple prize winners in international music competitions, met to form a special group.
As an International Contrabass Ensemble, they know how to excite and engage the audience in Europe and America in concerts, on CDs, on the radio, and on TV with never expected, varied, interesting programs which include music from the early renaissance, baroque and classical period to arrangements of light music, and have done so since their foundation in 1996.

„You have to Hear Bassiona Amorosa to Believe it!” wrote an English music critic.

As after a concert in cheerful atmosphere at the State Conservatory of Music and Theatre in Munich in 1996
the SPECIAL String QUARTET BASSIONA AMOROSA - named after the virtuose-charming composition of Giovanni Bottesini „Passione Amorosa" ("passion of love") - was founded with four female students of the Master Class of Prof. Klaus Trumpf (meanwhile, all of them are engaged in European orchestras), it soon could look back on enthusiastic reactions by the audience in national and international concerts.

“The Audience in Iowa (USA) Was Taken by Surprise ! “*

The reason for this special attraction is the incredible sound refinement and the unusual virtuoso performance.

The sense of this "special touch" bring these exceptional artists along from their home countries Slovakia,
Russia, Czech Republic, White Russia, Yugoslavia, Georgia and Ukraine. The formation consists of Master
Class students of Prof. Trumpf at the State Conservatory of Music in Munich. Carthy musicianship, Slav
melancholy with classical education - now formed through the same school - merge in unique symbiosis.
Unbroken temperament and charm fascinate the audience.

“Enormous Musicality, Lots of Wit, Grandios Vituosity” *

Above all, the fascination of this quartet is bent an the element of surprise because of the setting with four to six string basses and furthermore an the absolutely safe, perfect command of technique, a convincing musicality, unmistakable sound refinement, and interesting arrangements (mainly from Klaus Trumpf, the leader of the quartet) which determine the artistic level of the ensemble and
“… point out the character of the musicians’ congeniality” *

The quartet creates full-length programs as well as solo performances within the scope of concerts and staging.
In combination with a pianist (also a multiple prize winner of international music competitions) the program can be varied. Every audience is reached by virtuoso solo performances and variable scorings.

In its 8 year history, BASSIONA AMOROSA performed in more than 200 concerts; eight CDs have been published so far; the ensemble was subject of three short films shot by the Bavarian Television Station and the WDR (West German Broadcasting Company).
The third USA tour in June 2003 received a sensational reception by the audience, as can be read from the visitors' book: “We loved to see and hear you again and again!”

After the „EUROPEAN QUARTET PRIZE 2003", further highlights for the ensemble were two honourable tasks:
The musical framing of the European Cultural Presentation of Prizes for Placido Domingo and Wolfgang Wagner.
As the audience thanked BASSIONA AMOROSA for several minutes with standing ovations, the ensemble was assured to be on the right track with its program.

In order to win people over to make friends with the string bass, the group has been oriented since its formation to the idea "Popular-Classical to Classical-Popular". Original works for the ensemble of wellknown composers are in the process of development.

*) Taken from the international press

Translated into English by Ruth Gester, Winhöring (Germany)